Season 2

We cannot help wondering about

the human population on X6,

and their ancient warheads and fresh

disregard of our agents’ directives.

We know nothing of recriminations 

or reprieve except that in some universe

when our storyline became a tangled mess

we discovered new dimensions or

new worlds discovered us.

Then we suddenly found ourselves

in a different past or future

our hands and feet in zip ties

the hasty firing squad outside.


We cannot contain the things we’d ask
now our own selves are not the sole objects
of our wonder, now we can’t see the future
for the past, and futures we imagined
seem already passed, the planet a house
we once lived in going on without us
while our terrors multiply. We know how
the next thing happens: the road we’re on threads
through us till we are no longer us, till
there’s just the drift, the float, the between that
comes with disaffection, the hole we wear
in the world that makes saying giving up.
No signals yet not meaning all’s benign,
the sentence we don’t know is counting down.