Encounters III

noaa old mag lightning multiple rszd

   more sci fi haiku

commercial airplane
paced by glowing cigar
30,000 feet

students on spring break
independently report
looming pie-shaped craft

three truckers report
red elliptical objects
hovering above

man shoots pistol at
bright object circling his car
misses, passes out

two men are fishing
lusterless craft in the sky
pulls them up inside

bright cone-shaped object
glides leisurely through the trees
hunters astonished

physics professor
daughters, dogs on camping trip
huge disc flashes by

glowing craft descends
into eucalyptus trees
cats in a circle



All the Parts

the quiet laboratory
the alien ship
with its solemn eye
& mystic gardens
dark birds, wide water
the sleepy volcano
an outing, a stroll
the swing with its
flour-sack pillows
smelling of sun
nightfall, glowing
trees change places
& stumble you
dream, yellow fields
old ash, heat deep
in the ground
all the parts
of you