where is where

rising sea levels, marine radiation
approaches the float where it is always
Tuesday no matter where you look like
many mental excursions my love has
no place to go, I still expect to see you
in the dark box the dark side, we see your
shore lights back of the house our love is
despair, our despair a piercing light
where we started there begins a road that
always ends with you, the malaise still here
with its cautious sad buddy we cruise your
coastline, come to this place for you, vast
days open up, nowhere is where you were






the laundry     suppressed     the corridor
the silence confiscated     all our words
the shipwreck     the rocks     the news
was good     the news was bad
we found the wreck     attractive
we were marine     we were phosphorescent
behind our backs     the middens beckoned
in our dreams     we were alive