Doll Dreaming 05

05. The Doll Guy, Dreaming

the guy is dreaming
he is the guy
all is as it should be
of course it is he is
the guy

the guy doesn’t requisition
what he wants
he just looks
till looking turns to grab

sometimes for fun
he ensnares
lesser individuals they
see the guy and think
something’s slightly off
his chumminess
his foxy smile
if they linger they discover
things are all wrong
in the world of the guy
and they are in it

the guy sees a dark house
with a girl inside
thinks the darkness
welcomes him
all things welcome him

the guy cannot imagine
the darkness of the house
is not for him
cannot imagine
the girl is not for him

the girl is dreaming
the gun’s in her hand
but it’s so heavy
it’s waving her around

the house is dreaming
the guy has arrived

the friends of the doll are dreaming
the door’s unlocked

the guy is dreaming
he’s his own man

the doll is dreaming
he is not

06 The Gun Is Dreaming

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Doll Dreaming 02

02. The Dress Is Dreaming

the dress is dreaming
it’s a girl
the girl is dreaming
she’s a gun
the gun is dreaming
it’s a wrecking ball

they all live
in the wrecking ball
hate people in houses
molehills foxholes boxes
and other temporary

the wrecking ball is
the only safe place to be
becomes more itself
with every gyre
makes everything empty
to make a place for itself

the gun is dreaming
it’s a gleaming span
of molten rivulets
a dress for a girl
who doesn’t know
silk from armor
can’t tell the difference
between a friend
and a doll
a man and a gun
or a house
and a wrecking ball


When she first meets him, he’s cleaning a gun,
and eager to keep at it, doesn’t even
look her way, prim, presumptuous, probably
wearing pantaloons. There are things that should be
his (she’s not one of them yet)–the estate,
the horses, the upper hand. There are gypsies
nearby to blame things on–missing horses,
bad luck, fires, petticoats. Him. She dresses up
tight in black to visit him, fiddles with a
riding crop tells him she’d like to correct
his uppity attitude. This, of course,
is a love nudge, love itself being uppity.
She marries the other guy anyway,
the soft courtly one, the one with the money
that’s made the bad man bad, and made the bad man
look mighty good to her. Meanwhile, he is
cleaning that gun. Everybody is cleaning
that gun, getting it ready for all the things
unruly passion will require.