O hear what remains


O hear what remains of
our utterance, this our proud
device. In this wasteland,
we clamor for amore, then
for more, our stately echo
proceeds to rock your naked
foundations, that ridged affair
you thought to fool us with.
True, our installments
explain away our voice,
but our concrete love
catches your heart off guard,
and while our mountains
cluster on the verge,
our sunny messenger
outruns our faun.

image: Athanasius Kircher http://standrewsrarebooks.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/52-weeks-of-inspiring-illustrations-week-42-athanasius-kirchers-beautiful-musurgia-universalis-1650/

the echo now

the echo           the burn
the hand       legerdemain
the ocean            a door
last call          rain
the mill         pebbles, grass
the invisible          planet
hunger               thread
breath          respite
angel                 dresses
here            nowhere
yonder           now