The Center Is Only

The center is only fabulous:
say (or even think) lover, ring
and the iron filings in your brain
flock to the groove that goes
on and on without you.

Try abutilon, prion, quark and
the packet handed round
that no one penetrates
becomes a dressy carapace
patrolling places you fled
long ago, carrying away
the things you tried to
protect from words.

And you did. In that
heart-shaped box
you left behind:
a fifty drachma coin, a tiny
gold and silver knife, a lock
of bright hair, a skeleton
key, a button made
of bone.

Remnants of Karen

Karen offshore still
and still lopsided
generally headed north
things could go downhill
later today or tonight
high seas storm surge
the center of Karen
no longer well-defined
the reason not
immediately clear
her remnants
raggedly eastward
entangled photons
but it doesn’t require
near-perfect detectors
in the Gulf
a done day is
a day of preparation