Nail the Tale

Seven Parts: I. How About a Smaller Weapon; II. That Intermittent Rewards Thing; III. The Badness of the Aftermath of Badness; IV. How About Some Women in a Cave; V. A Spy from the Man Tribe; VI. How About some Men in a Boat; VII. Evil Men-Like Creatures in Caves.
Seven characters in search of a story: Art, Bert, Cris, Dave, Eddie, Frankie, Greta. Plus one guy who texts through Part I and departs in Part II, and one totally absent character: Mikey, who may or may not be bringing lunch.
Around a table. Talking. Cross-talking. Talking over. They’ve been at this awhile. They’re getting hungry.

Part I: How About a Smaller Weapon?

Art: We can’t have a kid killing his mother with a machine gun.

Bert: OK. How about a smaller weapon?

Cris: I don’t think the weapon is what’s bothering him.

Bert: What? The mother part bugs you?

Dave: How about somebody else’s mother?

Eddie: Or an evil step-parent?

Frankie: An evil supernatural step-parent.

Eddie: Or maybe another relative? An evil supernatural cousin.

Frankie: Or an evil supernatural twin.

Greta: Or an accident?

Bert: Accidental killing. Dogs him around, makes him do things. Drinking, smoking, compensating.

Art: Nothing involving a machine gun is accidental.

Cris: Increasingly desperate and fucked-up compensating.

Eddie: Oooh. Same flashbacks over and over.

Greta: And over… What? I didn’t really say anything, I’m just writing down whatever you guys say.

Dave: What if flashbacks changed in slightly different ways until they became the story and the present ceased to exist because it was in the future?

Greta: Are you high? Continue reading

Ancient Lake Popular Now

Wall Street mothers stay home learn more.
The shadow looking sharp above the floor.
The musical event of the season 3.5 billion
years ago.

Life thought to have arisen on Twitter like
Facebook in the same crater where it lasted
thousands of years.

Life not designed to answer that question.
But the planet is plausible. A professor said
microbes plopped, you could easily get
a lake, the thing just seems Earthlike—
frigid, arid, bombarded.

After it cooled it was wetter.
It was soaking wet.
Not so much water as sulfuric acid.

Two mudstones named John appear to have
swept down from the walls.
Curiosity could have served as food.
There were microbial organisms around.
I think they would have liked that in Tucson.

In caves signs of life line up, cold and arid,
perhaps ice-covered.

What does it mean.

We’re all thinking: solid evidence destroyed
by radiation could work.

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