In the Dreamy Dream

in the dreamy dream the deer becomes
a dinosaur, the hunter hangs his clothes
out on the line, the stop sign doesn’t say stop
the clocks do not keep time, the dogs
have made a playhouse with the wolves
in the dreamy dream you drive a dreamy car
that becomes a dreamy boat and then becomes
a dreamy snake–listen, he whispers
something sinister is going on
beneath those trees down at the pond
in the dreamy dream the blood pressure cuff
is a shark’s mouth, all measurements
everywhere closed down for the millennium
someone is saying something but
you are hearing all the things
no one has ever said
in the dreamy dream no one is waiting for you
when peace comes everyone is gone, when
all the world has been translated
no one lingers, no one arrives
every door there has a secret
every revelation has a secret side


. . .

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