Doll Dreaming 13

woman little men schembart carnival 1590 public domain rev - strtch mod

Dolly Dum-Dum

the doll has men
a bird-man
a yes-man
a hench-man
a made man
a man with a mighty big
something for beating

she counts on them
when she doesn’t want
dirt to show on her
little dolly dress

the doll’s men
think they owe her
when she owns them
they think they
think the thoughts
she thinks for them
think they’re aiming
when she aims them
where she wants them to go

if they get out of line
she has the kind of whip
they can’t see coming
but mostly they stay
wherever she pleases:
long chain, short leash

when she’s got her
spook on hard like now
they’re her special forces
they’re her posse
pony up, boys
it’s time
to ride somebody down

the doll’s men are dreaming
they’re stand-up men

the doll is measuring
how far their ambition
lets her knock them down

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Doll Dreaming 10

10. The Room Is Dreaming

the room is dreaming
outside itself
it cannot contain
or rescind
locked inside too long
there’s no more outside
no matter
how much room
the room has or
what room you’re in

the doll can make you
think the room is everything
can make it so tight
even the body has
no space left inside
can make it so large
that being dissipates
nothing in here
nothing out there

but something
always escapes
her needling
her hacks
turn on her
in her dreams

the doll demands
impossible recompense
from creatures who have
never done her harm
demands the last
rib bone and pin
she gets on
like a ratcheted clamp
to get her off
you have to
lose some skin

the doll is dreaming
she is looking out
but her mask is always
looking in
sizing her up
cutting her
down to size
no room large
or small enough
in the end



Doll Dreaming 09

09. Doll Parts

the doll’s favorite part
is when you think you’ll get away
she knows you won’t
you know you will
there’s nothing else
to know

the doll rules
the doll’s house
but the doll knows
only what she’s made
marble, rubble
dreamer, doll
the doll herself
a dangerous thing

you are dreaming
you are the girl
the girl is dreaming
dreaming, dreaming
the demon is away
a threaded needle
an unexpected blade

the doll is standing
out in the rain

who is standing
behind the doll


Doll Dreaming 07

07. Dolly Doll-Doll Dreams

the dolls are dreaming
ratcheting gears in
once human heads
now just click-click-click
a bicycle wheel and cards

the doll is making a long-range
plan for the mophead maidens
and men she’s made but
she frets at it till
it’s all just safety pins
and chewed up lace

the doll has a puppet
poked out its eyes
stuck her tongue in its brain
on high occasions she
props it up and
chatters from behind it
through a hole in its face
shows she’s the boss of it all

she’s a hammer
she’s a handy candlestick
she’s a heavy ashtray from
a Perry Mason set
copper piping a 2 x 4 a
rolling pin a baseball bat
rebar a cast iron pan
a bowling trophy statuette
so much bludgeoning to do
to keep her dolls in line

tomorrow it’s cutting
she’s a boning knife
a switchblade a
nail gun shark teeth
skewers broken
window glass

the dolls are dreaming
indigo scrim

the house is dreaming
endless rain


Doll Dreaming 06

06. The Gun Is Dreaming

the gun is dreaming
the girl will get it right
the doll is dreaming
she will get it wrong
the guy is betting
on the doll

the house wants
the girl to leave
the doll wants
the girl to stay
the guy wants whatever
he can get away with
the girl just wants
to get away

the guy’s too dumb
to make a deal so
the doll skips ahead
to the chains and pins
but this guy
likes everything

he wants to be like
the doll’s dolls with
their shiny orthodontics
just for flesh and the
sharp hooks she’s
given them for hands
to help her do her ripping

dolls that cannot grasp
cannot escape
but the guy
would never ever
want to run away

the doll is dreaming
the guy’s a doll
the girl is dreaming
the doll is dead
the guy is dreaming
the doll has his head

07 Dolly Doll Doll Dreams

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Doll Dreaming 05

05. The Doll Guy, Dreaming

the guy is dreaming
he is the guy
all is as it should be
of course it is he is
the guy

the guy doesn’t requisition
what he wants
he just looks
till looking turns to grab

sometimes for fun
he ensnares
lesser individuals they
see the guy and think
something’s slightly off
his chumminess
his foxy smile
if they linger they discover
things are all wrong
in the world of the guy
and they are in it

the guy sees a dark house
with a girl inside
thinks the darkness
welcomes him
all things welcome him

the guy cannot imagine
the darkness of the house
is not for him
cannot imagine
the girl is not for him

the girl is dreaming
the gun’s in her hand
but it’s so heavy
it’s waving her around

the house is dreaming
the guy has arrived

the friends of the doll are dreaming
the door’s unlocked

the guy is dreaming
he’s his own man

the doll is dreaming
he is not

06 The Gun Is Dreaming

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Doll Dreaming 04

04. The Doll’s Business Model

all the doll’s creatures are dreaming
the doll is busy
with her little pins and pans
busy sewing busy baking
busy busy doll

the doll’s business model
let’s make a deal
choose the doll’s door
the doll may let you live

the doll rounds everybody up
makes them put on little dresses
made by her little possum hands
if the one she’s made for you won’t fit
she’ll beat you till it does or till you die

the doll decides
what everyone deserves
everybody has to eat
her skin and venom cakes

the doll’s dolls hope the doll
will do the things she does
to anyone not them they
dream the old dream that
someone else’s suffering
means special things ahead for them

so they will do
to each other
whatever mean
the doll wants done

the doll’s thralls are dreaming
the doll is their destiny

the doll dreams
she is their god

Doll Dreaming / Mean Dolls 05 The Guy, Dreaming

01 The Doll Is Dreaming
02 The Dress Is Dreaming
03 The Girl Is Dreaming

Doll Dreaming 03

03. The Girl Is Dreaming

the girl is dreaming
she’s a dress
the dress is dreaming
she’s a girl
the dream wants
what the dress wants

the doll wants everything

if the girl doesn’t know
what she wants
the doll gets everything

the doll looks too small
to be unfriendly
the girl is polite
so the girl goes in
when the doll says
in a girly double voice
come into this place
it’s really lots larger
than it looks
from outside

the girl is dreaming
she’s a little pussy cat
her dress dreams
she’s a dragon
but can’t find
the leather
to make it so

and no dress
can protect
a girl from a doll

Doll Dreaming 02

02. The Dress Is Dreaming

the dress is dreaming
it’s a girl
the girl is dreaming
she’s a gun
the gun is dreaming
it’s a wrecking ball

they all live
in the wrecking ball
hate people in houses
molehills foxholes boxes
and other temporary

the wrecking ball is
the only safe place to be
becomes more itself
with every gyre
makes everything empty
to make a place for itself

the gun is dreaming
it’s a gleaming span
of molten rivulets
a dress for a girl
who doesn’t know
silk from armor
can’t tell the difference
between a friend
and a doll
a man and a gun
or a house
and a wrecking ball

Doll Dreaming 01

01. The Doll Is Dreaming

the doll is dreaming
the girl is dead
the girl is dreaming
the doll’s alive

the doll wants a new dress
the dress wants real skin
the doll may skin the girl
but wearing skin is not the same
as being alive

the girl wants a new dress
the doll wants a new girl
the girl knows things
the doll doesn’t know
the doll thinks she knows
things no one can know

the doll wants things
no one can own

because the girl has
what the doll wants
the friends of the doll
surround the girl
with doll knives and doll nails
the girl’s friends
wear doll dresses
the dolls wear the faces
of the girl’s friends

the girl is dreaming
she is dead
the doll dreams
she’s alive

the girl dreams
her dress is in flames
the doll dreams
that she drowns

dolldreaming: Door Dreams

the door is dreaming
it has no side
what goes in goes out
or rather there is
no way out
the doll’s confabulations
are the only real thing

trying to escape
one enters distances
where familiar things
limn one’s demise
a chair a whole
country of torturers
a kitchen knife a
killer’s blade a sink
a place for drowning
a place to sleep
a smothering bed

many ways
to the same end
still the doll would
rather wrecks
of distinct proportions
like texting mobs of
easily pissed off men
to make people
so inch by inch
they are nothing
and she’s
big as the world

the demon is dreaming
not of capture
but of things set free
novel concept for
a nether snare
he even weeps to know
what waits when the door
shakes from its hinges
a battered gate
an endless chain

to long for freedom
then to fear it
being everything