Buy You Now

eisberg 4 cmprsd strch mod 5

Buy now. Special rate. Just for you.
Just for the you that you buy for.
Our remoteness will meet your remoteness.
If your remoteness is unavailable, no problem.
Read our information. We will be happy.
We will be happy to delete you at any time.
But we hope you won’t want that.

As a matter of fact, we know you won’t want that
when you know what we know.
That’s because satisfying you satisfies us.
And we hope you will be satisfying us now.

There’s more.

You can save money for a future self
simply by opting for perpetual refilling now.
That’s right.
You can refill us even after you are dead.
And for a small and negligible
nominal fee, you can purchase our
extended ephemerality.

It is new.
It is now.
It is all for you.

Little differences mean a lot.
All our differences are big.
So they mean a lot more.
We are fountain-like and becoming.
We are tinseled and infamous.
We are protean and submersible.
We want to show you everything we are
so you can know everything you are.

You are special. We know how special you are.
Tell us about yourself.
We want to know everything.
Share with us your photographs and friends.
Your street views and near me’s.
We will share. We will share our secret.
We will be friends. And your friends will be ours.
We will all be all our friends.

Let us show you
how real all our real things are.
Our real things are more real
than any real things you’ve seen before.
So when our things meet your things,
all your things will be more real too!
We will empty your emptiness out
and fill you up with ours.

How cool is that?

You know you want it.
And it is so totally possible.
The same special you
even more special
than you are

altered image; original image University of Washington

. . .

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