Doll Dreaming 07

07. Dolly Doll-Doll Dreams

the dolls are dreaming
ratcheting gears in
once human heads
now just click-click-click
a bicycle wheel and cards

the doll is making a long-range
plan for the mophead maidens
and men she’s made but
she frets at it till
it’s all just safety pins
and chewed up lace

the doll has a puppet
poked out its eyes
stuck her tongue in its brain
on high occasions she
props it up and
chatters from behind it
through a hole in its face
shows she’s the boss of it all

she’s a hammer
she’s a handy candlestick
she’s a heavy ashtray from
a Perry Mason set
copper piping a 2 x 4 a
rolling pin a baseball bat
rebar a cast iron pan
a bowling trophy statuette
so much bludgeoning to do
to keep her dolls in line

tomorrow it’s cutting
she’s a boning knife
a switchblade a
nail gun shark teeth
skewers broken
window glass

the dolls are dreaming
indigo scrim

the house is dreaming
endless rain


. . .

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