Doll Dreaming 04

04. The Doll’s Business Model

all the doll’s creatures are dreaming
the doll is busy
with her little pins and pans
busy sewing busy baking
busy busy doll

the doll’s business model
let’s make a deal
choose the doll’s door
the doll may let you live

the doll rounds everybody up
makes them put on little dresses
made by her little possum hands
if the one she’s made for you won’t fit
she’ll beat you till it does or till you die

the doll decides
what everyone deserves
everybody has to eat
her skin and venom cakes

the doll’s dolls hope the doll
will do the things she does
to anyone not them they
dream the old dream that
someone else’s suffering
means special things ahead for them

so they will do
to each other
whatever mean
the doll wants done

the doll’s thralls are dreaming
the doll is their destiny

the doll dreams
she is their god

Doll Dreaming / Mean Dolls 05 The Guy, Dreaming

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02 The Dress Is Dreaming
03 The Girl Is Dreaming

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