Maenads - vers 2 crpd

how we loved him, that wily wine boy,
the racket he made to call us out
how our families kicked doors shut behind us
to be rid of him, to make us follow
wherever he wanted us to go

how we loved his wildness
his outfits and his crazy hats
when at last he foxed up as a man
we screamed and tore our dresses
we slept with leopards and snakes
we wrapped our hair with vines

we loved the way he made us unafraid
and reckless, our bodies like wide water
and him the boat and the sky
so unlike imposters who underestimated
what we could do if our ire was up
and our cups were full of wine

we were his hands and eyes and mouth
this man who needed to fear
the women he needed to love him
and needed to kill what he loved
the nights he made for us to tear into
till there was nothing lasting we could know

if echoes of our music shadow the wind
into the place where you sleep,
wake up, make haste, and come along–
girl, he’ll have you if you do or if you don’t
and with him, doing is a lot more fun

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