How did you end up in a wrong place. She’s asking him the corner,
words wandering up the edge and at last at last it’s all in your
collar. She’s asking him. Anyway. Wasn’t always like that then
the last shift caused a conglomeration or consternation, one of
those cons. Like a nuclear test, yeah, what was he thinking and
it was some random, wasn’t even anyone she knew and then she.
Sometimes it’s a right place like last night. Nothing’s ever
right for you, you, not even the littlest lately. There’s just
no joy in it, later on it was a bunch of miracles right and left.
But it’s not a little death, it’s a big life worn down, down the
drain, downtown, down. So I’m rolling down the window and this
guy leans in says forget about it sweetheart, just sail on by.

. . .

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